The Grass is Always Browner

Comprehensive cover

For men and women of all ages and persuasions


About martinknox

Materially minimalist; gastronomically prefer food I cook; biologically an unattached male survivor; economically independent; sociologically a learner and teacher of science; psychologically selfaltruistic; anthropologically West Country English tenant farmer; religiously variable; ethically case by case; philosophically a sceptical Popperian.

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  1. The Novel explores a scenario that brings together scientific data and social and cultural predictions.


  2. I am wondering how a novel that is set so far in the future can combine such things in an entertaining way..why did you choose such a genre to getyour message across??


  3. Campaigners and zealots sometimes pretend a particular future, usually a catastrophe, is fact. Scientists with experience of mathematical modelling know the future is never fact and they can create any future they, or their sponsors, desire. The futures we hear about are narrow and biased by self-interest. Our most assiduous forecasters are developers who want to know financial returns into the future. Their interest is discounted with time and events more than 20 years ahead are of no consequence to investors. Into the vacuum beyond that, there exists only speculative fiction. One type of fiction is fantasy but it can never happen. If it can happen but hasn’t happened yet, it is science fiction. The science fiction of my novel series uses scientific methods to forecast 90 – 260 years ahead. One of these methods, extrapolation, uses the trends of the past, going through the present, to project into the future. Confidence disappears when we forecast ahead at an interval more than one third of the sample interval that established the current trend. Forecasts based on the trends over the 220 years since the 1788 European settlement discontinuity are lacking in statistical confidence beyond 2080. The first novel, yet to be published, begins at that time and is followed in a series of 6 books.The Grass Is Always Browner is the most recent and the first to be published. It presents a comprehensive lifestyle scenario prepared using scientific reasoning. It is science fiction unbiassed by sponsors. I have no axe to grind or message I want to get across. When I created Abajoe with a mutation, it was a departure that could happen. I forecast that his orientation could grow and spread, transforming the Australian lifestyle. I predict that in 2257 Australians are ready for the future told in The Grass Is Always Browner. But we don’t have to have it – it is just the way things are heading at present.


  4. Good on you Martin! All your hard work is finally coming to fruition. I’m happy for you and wish you all the best.


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